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We live in a society that seems to require us to move at a quick pace. Distractions abound and if we're not careful, we never find the space to fully switch off, to recharge our batteries and enjoy the peace of being rather than doing. Yoga in the west has in some ways become the product of this fast-paced way of life. Certain styles of yoga encourage us to push our bodies to the extreme, to practice yoga as a sweaty work out rather than an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, quieten down our busy minds and experience the pleasure of being rather than doing. We have come to confuse the image of the highly flexible yogi in some dreamy, sun-drenched location with the yoga itself. We might feel that if we can't make shapes like that with our bodies, there is just no point in practising yoga. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

Yoga was never intended to be a primarily physical practice. The physical aspect was always more about preparing the body for meditation, strengthening the body as a container for increased energy

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